Vendovi Island

By | December 2, 2014

Vendovi-Island-3The San Juan Preservation Trust is a non-profit organization in Washington State dedicated to conserving land in the San Juan Islands for use as public parks, nature preserves, and other uses. One of the Trust’s most recent conservation projects is Vendovi Island, a mysterious 217-acre island located off the southern tip of Lummi Island just south of Bellingham Bay. Historically, the entire island has been privately owned, but the owner put it up for sale in 2010. The SJPT jumped at the opportunity to purchase the island, which is one of the last remaining islands in the San Juan Archipelago that remains almost entirely untouched by human development.

By purchasing Vendovi Island the Trust is aiming to achieve two stewardship objectives: to protect the island and its delicate ecosystem, as well as making it available for education, scientific research, and low-impact public access. For the San Juan Sailing charter guest, Vendovi Island has a lot to offer: miles of pristine beaches, ancient and lush Pacific Northwest forests, native grasslands, and rich wildflower meadows. The island is open to the public between May 1st and September 30th. Moorage is only available at the resident caretaker’s dock and is available daily from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Boaters and kayakers alike are encouraged not to anchor near the island or land their crafts at any location other than the caretaker’s dock, as there are fragile eelgrass beds offshore and harbor seals use Vendovi’s beaches as haul-out sites. Visitors to the island can spend the day hiking through the forest, enjoying expansive views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains and surrounding islands, beachcombing, and watching for birds and wildlife. If the caretakers are available they can give a guided tour of the 2 acres of the island that has been developed and teach guests about the rich history of Vendovi Island.

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