Cypress Island

By | December 10, 2014
Cypress Island from Eagle Harbor Photo Courtesy of

Cypress Island from Eagle Harbor
Photo Courtesy of

Cypress Island is a small island sandwiched between Blakely Island and Guemes Island, just south of Bellingham Bay. Although about 40 people live on the island, the Washington Department of Natural Resources manages the vast majority of the acreage and leaves it in its natural state. Cypress is heavily forested and has an extensive trail system linking various parts of the island. In roughly the center of the island is a large, 7 acre lake, and on the southeastern corner is a sheltered bay that contains a salmon fish farm. Cypress is extremely popular with sea kayakers due to its close proximity to the mainland as well as its two public camp sites. It is one of the most “untouched” islands in the San Juan Archipelago.
There are three bays offering public mooring on Cypress Island. Cypress Head is located at the southeast end of the island, and is best suited for anchoring small boats. Eagle Harbor is on the eastern side of the island and is the most popular moorage among our charter guests. It has about 15 mooring buoys available for those who prefer not to anchor. The northestern end of the island is where you’ll find Pelican Beach and its six mooring buoys. All three of these sites have firepits and picnic tables ashore, as well as access to trailheads leading further into the island. Please note that potable water is not available on the island

The most popular trail, leading up to Eagle Cliff, has its trailhead at Pelican Beach. The Eagle Cliff trail is closed from February 1-July 15 in order to protect threatened and endangered species and their habitat, but if you’re visiting mid-summer it is worth the trek. The view from the top is said to be one of the best spots in the island to watch the sunset.

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