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San Juan Islands Lighthouses

There is a nostalgia surrounding lighthouses. They are cloaked in history, and speak to us of dedication, stormy nights at sea and dangers avoided. The San Juan Islands are ringed by five light houses, indicated on the adjacent map. You may have sailed past them before, perhaps given them a glance of respect for the service they provide you as a mariner, but do you know their stories? Let’s take… Read More »

Get in touch with nature on Lopez Island

Known as the Friendly Isle because of its pleasant residents, Lopez Island is a 15-mile stretch of land that boasts nearly 65 miles of shoreline. To say it is a beach vacationer’s paradise would be an understatement. However, Lopez Island has a lot more to offer than beach combing. The island is a mix of forest and farmland, where peaceful bays and beaches mingle and the spectacular Cascade and Olympic… Read More »

Spend Your Summer Days Care-free in Friday Harbor

There is so much to do in Friday Harbor during the summer that visitors may have a hard time fitting everything in! Charter guests looking for a memorable visit can rent a kayak, bike or moped and see the village from a unique perspective. With hundreds of shops and museums to browse and enjoy, getting around can be half the fun! For those who want to take in some of… Read More »

Don’t call it a “Humpback”

Whales are a common, but always exciting, sight in the San Juan Islands. Some live in the area year-round, such as our Resident Orcas or the more elusive Transient Orcas. Many others, including Humpback whales, simply pass through during their long yearly migrations between their summer feeding grounds in the north, and their winter breeding grounds near the Equator. Lucky charter guests may have the opportunity to catch a glimpse… Read More »