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Spencer Spit State Park

Spencer Spit, located on Lopez Island, is a 138-acre marine and camping park, and is a popular stopping point for charter guests. It is named for the lagoon-enclosing sand spit that characterizes the park. Historically, the area was used by Native Americans as a productive spot for crabbing, clamming, and fishing. The spit was homesteaded in the 1800’s by the Troxell family, and was eventually sold to the Spencers, who… Read More »

Harbor Porpoises

Harbor porpoises, one of the smallest members of Cetacea, have been a rare sight in the Salish Sea until recently. They were common in our inland waters through the 1950’s, but had virtually disappeared by the early 1970’s due to fishing activities, increased vessel noise, and industrial pollution. Why they have made a comeback recently is unknown, but several factors, including declines in local gill-net fisheries as well as ongoing… Read More »

Sucia Island

Sucia Island is commonly the first overnight stop that our charter guests make after departing from our docks on Saturday morning. It is 2.5 miles north of Orca’s Island in the San Juans, and is actually the largest island in an archipelago of ten islands, meaning that there is plenty to explore both on and off your boat. The isolated coves and bays dotting the shoreline of the island has… Read More »

Cypress Island

Cypress Island is a small island sandwiched between Blakely Island and Guemes Island, just south of Bellingham Bay. Although about 40 people live on the island, the Washington Department of Natural Resources manages the vast majority of the acreage and leaves it in its natural state. Cypress is heavily forested and has an extensive trail system linking various parts of the island. In roughly the center of the island is… Read More »

Vendovi Island

The San Juan Preservation Trust is a non-profit organization in Washington State dedicated to conserving land in the San Juan Islands for use as public parks, nature preserves, and other uses. One of the Trust’s most recent conservation projects is Vendovi Island, a mysterious 217-acre island located off the southern tip of Lummi Island just south of Bellingham Bay. Historically, the entire island has been privately owned, but the owner… Read More »

Breweries and Wineries in the San Juans

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best micro-brewed beer and small-batch wine in the country, and the San Juan Islands are a beautiful place to indulge. If you stop at Eastsound on Orcas Island during your charter, you can’t miss a visit to the Island Hoppin’ Brewery, located just north of town on Mt. Baker Rd. Island Hoppin’ is a new brewery, just opened in September of… Read More »

Learning About Native Peoples at Blake Island and Tillicum Village

Charter guests who are interested in learning about the history and native peoples of the San Juan Islands region would benefit from a stop at Blake Island. Blake Island is located in the middle of Puget Sound between Vashon Island and Bainbridge Island. It is a 475 acre marine camping park, offering five miles of saltwater shoreline as well as unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline.… Read More »

San Juan Islands: Hiking Moran State Park

If you want to get off your boat and do some exploring during your charter, Moran State Park is a can’t-miss stop! Located on Orcas Island, the park was donated to the State of Washington by Seattle Shipbuilder Robert Moran in 1921. Moran is also the original owner of the historical Rosario Resort, previously a single-family home, located near the entrance to the park. (The resort is another must-see site… Read More »

Rosario Resort & Spa

A popular and easy-to-access destination during your charter is Rosario Resort, located on Cascade Bay on Orca’s Island. This historical resort was originally a mansion built by Seattle ship engineer Robert Moran. Moran moved to Seattle from New York City with naught but a dime in his pocket, and pulled himself up by his bootstraps to become part owner of Seattle’s largest ship-repair company by 1902. By 1904, due to… Read More »

Are you ready for a San Juan Islands and Victoria Flotilla?

Pack your bags and your passport and be prepared to be wowed by the beauty, charm and history on our Victoria and Salish Sea Flotilla. Starting May 29 through June 7, this San Juan Islands guided vacation takes you on a tour of the San Juan Islands while stopping at various points to explore, hike and play along the way. You’ll be guided by San Juan Sailing owners Roger and Marlene… Read More »